Dilemma Based Leadership

Using organizational, interpersonal, and personal dilemmas, this intensive leadership program illustrates how leadership skills can be used to effectively reach thorough solutions. We define dilemmas as challenges that have no right or wrong answer, yet still require a decision to be made. The program begins with a self-assessment of Hogan Lead and our Revolution 360™. After these tools help prioritize the dilemmas, the leadership and HR teams calibrate change initiatives in line with the business strategy.

The self-assessment is followed by an intensive three day workshop, where the 4R Model of Leadership framework and Change Management Lens allow leaders to work through their chosen dilemmas. The workshop also offers opportunities for small group coaching to ensure collaboration and unified visions.

To ensure sustainable change, six months of additional support follow the workshop with combined individual coaching sessions and small group sessions to continue progress on an organization’s dilemmas.


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