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Webinar: Discover- Are You Measuring Culture?

Wednesday, July 19
12:00- 1:00 p.m.

Work Effects thinks there’s more to organizational culture than healthy or unhealthy, good or bad. Culture is completely unique, so what might be great for one organization, will not fit in another. In order to bridge the gap between having engaged employees and reaching key business imperatives, culture change must be measured.

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The Work Effects team is enthusiastic about sharing what makes us tick. Through a 30-60 minute session, we welcome you to take a walk in our shoes and a seat in our desks. We explore the differences between health and culture, and debunk the industry trends or jargon that can blur the lines. We share real client experiences, and invite them to tell their story of transformative culture.

Apart from organizational health and purposeful culture, we enjoy sharing our expertise in strategic planning, change management, executive development and performance management process design. We utilize webinars as a tool for organizations, teams and leaders to start conversations about transformative change. Staying true to our principles of expanding self-awareness and remaining flexible to specific needs, We'd love to hear what webinar topic you'd like next- please click here to share your ideas.

Listen to some of our webinars:

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