4-R Model

4R Model

Our 4R Model has acted as the catalyst for many of our professional services through the attributes and interdependencies of each of the Rs—Relationships, Roles, Responsibilities and Results. While acknowledging the importance of personality factors, the 4R framework places primary emphasis on the BASIC virtues of the leader. Virtues such as Beneficial Partnerships, Aligned Emotions, Sustained Determination, Intellectual Flexibility and Character.

The 4R framework comes to life in our Rev 360™ and Check-Up 360™ survey tools, which allow us to measure effectiveness and provide accountability for change in the foundational areas of leadership: Relationships, Roles, Responsibilities and Results. Underlying these are five BASIC™ virtues necessary for trusted leadership. Anyone can learn them. And with practice, anyone can learn to become a successful leader. We have the tools to support leaders and to quantify the attributes often considered intangible. Transformational leaders, through their actions, nurture independence among employees, encourage ethical behavior, treat learning as a valuable experience and help identify possibilities for meaning-making employees’ work.

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