Revolution 360™
Work Effects' Revolution 360™ is based on the 4R model of transformational leadership and a 10-year meta-analysis of over 400 research models, along with decades of experience in leadership theory, practice and design.
Key People Indicator™
Work Effects Key People Indicator™ allows raters to choose whom they want to provide feedback on and provides organizations with an unprecedented view into who the key influencers are (good and bad). The result is a 360 event that takes 20% of the time and provides powerful behavioral information to participants, while giving organizations insight into how knowledge is actually used to get the work done.
Conflict Lens™
The Work Effects Conflict Lens™ process is about knowing thyself and listening to others. If people are willing to recognize certain behaviors, look at how they respond in conflict situations, and take corrective action if necessary, they can learn to be better employees, better managers and better leaders.
Strategic Planning
The Work Effects Strategic Planning Sessions are a series of facilitated sessions to refresh what the strategic goals are for your organization. As part of our process, we look at current internal culture and how that will support given business strategies moving forward or culture may need to change to support your strategy.
Check Up 360™
This tool acts as a follow-up to the Work Effects' Revolution 360- or any 360 assessment- to measure and ensure the progress of leaders. This holds leaders accountable for development, all the while quantifying and recognizing successes and improvements.

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