Check-Up 360™

Check-Up 360

Check-Up 360™ is a concise assessment tool which acts as a progress report to gauge leaders' improvement in select areas. It sends the message that the Revolution 360™ data is valuable to their development by providing quantifiable results of their improvement efforts.

Survey data and action plans are effective only with accountability. In order to create lasting change, leaders need to consciously practice new behaviors. Identifying areas for improvement through an assessment is the first step to making changes. Next, an action plan must be put in place and leaders must be motivated to follow through with it. Like New Year’s resolutions, action plans are useless unless managers commit to improving their behavior through practice. An impending follow-up assessment is motivation for leaders to keep their development promises.

Check-Up 360™ helps answer the following questions:

  • Has positive change occurred since the initial 360 assessment?
  • Is anything preventing leaders from completing their action plans?
  • What is the overall effectiveness of the assessment initiative?
  • What else needs to be done to assist in carrying out the action plan?

The Check-Up 360™ promotes accountability for leaders by:

  • Providing reliable feedback from raters on the perceived level of leadership effectiveness and on the degree of perceived change since the 360 was first completed.
  • Measuring progress by analyzing improvement which gives leaders the insight they need to drive development. The survey results show progress made towards achieving development goals and pinpoints areas that are still not satisfactory.
  • Adjusting priorities based on survey results.
  • Driving results, which raises morale and builds transformational leaders. This, in turn, directly impacts profits. It turns clients' managers into effective leaders by holding them responsible for adjusting their own behavior.

Based on the results of the survey, leaders can identify breakdowns in the development process and alter actions if necessary. We recommend that the Check-Up 360™ be completed 4-8 months after a leader’s initial Revolution 360™ assessment. This provides time to begin enforcing the action plan and make observable changes.


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