Key People Indicator

Work Effects Key People Indicator™ is a multi-rater assessment where an entire organization or group participates in the process at the same time. It allows raters to choose whom they want to provide feedback on and provides organizations with an unprecedented view into who the key influencers are (good and bad).

The result is a 360 event that takes 20% of the time and provides powerful behavioral information to participants, while giving organizations insight into how knowledge is actually used to get the work done.

Advantages of the KPI Include:

  • Cycle time reduced from 6 weeks to 2 weeks
  • Feedback completely anonymous
  • Raters more qualified
  • Higher participation levels 

What Our Clients Say

“Your results had definite impact with our management as they let this manager go immediately, and everyone in the department verbally cheered as this person has been cancerous to the organization for over 20 years.”

Kathy Goldreich
SVP Learning & Development

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