Revolution 360™

Transformational leadership is regarded as a standard for leading in a world where competition is global and change is constant, continuous and increasing exponentially. The days of leading by determining your decisions on how all interactions will occur on the front line are dwindling if not dead. The huge challenge faced by organizations to identify and grow transformational leaders to compete in the global economy cannot be underestimated.

The first step in growing effective leaders is identifying who they are and what specific attributes they need to be addressed. To do this, Work Effects uses 360 feedback.

The popularity of 360 feedback has grown significantly during the past few decades, going from a nearly unheard of concept in the early 1980s to widespread usage today. These surveys are used to gather confidential feedback regarding a leader's perceived effectiveness. They provide an opportunity to compare one's self-perceptions with the views of management, direct reports, peers and others.

Unlike typical assessments, a Work Effects Revolution 360™ provides leaders with valuable feedback about their core virtues and their cascading impact. It also identifies the source of leaders' real strengths and pinpoints specific areas to prioritize for further development.

A Work Effects Revolution 360™:

Facilitates candid, direct and honest feedback that may not be achieved face-to-face

Assesses a comprehensive set of leadership behaviors that range from core virtues through the production of results

Confirms strengths, opportunities and gaps between self perception and the perceptions of those being led

Promotes more effective leadership, strengthened relationships and ease of getting things accomplished

Identifies the specific actions to be taken through meaningful easy-to-read reports

Combines proper support with training, coaching and action planning. The Revolution 360™ is the starting point for maximizing leadership effectiveness and organization-wide performance

Work Effects' Revolution 360™ is based on the 4R model of transformational leadership and a 10-year meta-analysis of over 400 research models, along with decades of experience in leadership theory, practice and design.


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