Strategy Culture Alignment Certification


Learn to facilitate culture alignment with executive leadership in our two-day certification based on Work Effects’ Purposeful Culture model. The objective of the certification is for consultants and OD practitioners to facilitate Work Effects Strategy Culture Alignment planning sessions with CEOs of their own clients or company.


We often hear leaders say they have a “good” culture; there are strong leaders, teams are effective, etc. However, we define these as attributes of organizational health. Work Effects thinks of culture on a good-good continuum, there aren’t good or bad cultures, but rather cultures that benefit your organization’s goals and strategies.

For example, an organization’s atmosphere may be very disciplined or very social; both are good, but there may be current practices or processes that do not serve the current culture, or vice versa. By reviewing the organization’s culture one dimension at a time, leaders accurately analyze how these show up in their organization.
Through this 1/2 day planning session, the senior leadership team has enriched conversations around where they think their culture is at currently as well as where it needs to be in order to best execute the organization’s strategic goals. The session ends with outlining the dimensions that need to be prioritize and how they as leaders will cascade this to the rest of the organization.

When you graduate from our certification, you will be equipped with the tools to facilitate a conversation around culture with your clients, your organization, or Work Effects’ clients.


Outcomes of Phase 1:


  • Quickly builds one voice for the leadership team
  • Creates a clear road map of how to navigate molasses and use culture to the organization’s advantage
  • Identifies critical beliefs required to execute strategy
  • Establishes and leverages your organization’s secret sauce
  • Lays the ground work for aligning the entire organization, bringing you to Phase II (Health + Culture survey)

What Certification Graduates Say

“Work Effects provided foundation for what culture is and how to assess its alignment with business strategy, supported by both empirical and theoretical data. I’ll be able to incorporate best practices and measurable tools to assess what might prevent strategy success in the coming year via culture’s role in planning.”

-Monica Dornbach Munson, Director of Sales Training & Development of Press

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Next Course: 11-12 March 2020

9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Lunch provided both days
Networking happy hour following day one

Baker Center- 733 Building

733 Marquette (13th Floor) Minneapolis, MN 55402
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