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Paul Seymour

Founding Partner

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Company Timeline

Creative Metrics, Inc. opens in Colorado Springs. We created client centric custom people measurement assessments, technology, training, and coaching solutions.

Launch Conflict Lens — first ever assessment to measure behaviors used in actual conflicts

Headquarters move to Minneapolis • Gained Citi as largest global client.  Launched Minerva24 platform that allowed for adaptability to deploy leadership 360 insights, performance management, succession management, scorecards, and dozens of custom talent assessments.

Lockheed, Pfizer, NCR, Jarden Amgen, Weyerhaeuser become clients • Established DMM – measuring diversity impact on business goals and TM3 – auditing the maturity of talent management systems

Company name changes to Work Effects • Strategic shift from large custom talent metrics to measuring and aligning leadership and culture

Launched: Research Study with 100’s of top executives, academic review of 40 culture models, study of culture metrics predictability, and strategy effectiveness. 

Aha Moment! Evaluating the data from research study, we discovered the need to measure culture on a Good-to-Good scale to connect strategy and culture.  This means we measure both culture “health” and “alignment” to drive performance

100’s of interviews, focus groups, and dozens of pilots to design Purposeful Culture transformation model! Continue improving assessment technology to identify the key people that really drive success or failure in the organization

Health and Culture Alignment Assessments developed to measure and drive target cultures needed to execute strategy • Implement Strategy Culture with CEOs across the nation

Grew Global Network of Certified Purposeful Culture Consultants and Strategic Partners

New Corporate Office!

Meet Our Consultants

Work Effects is proud to have a bench of deep subject matter experts. Our consultants are highly experienced thought leaders in the areas of strategic planning, change management, executive development and talent management process design. They provide organizations, teams and leaders with the necessary tools, insights and guidance to deepen abilities and develop greater capacity for business success.

Our extensive network of consultants includes professionals with diverse backgrounds, styles and passions, yet all remain true to Work Effects’ core approach of expanding self-awareness, challenging traditional perspectives and supporting growth and remaining flexible to individual and organizational needs. Work Effects takes great pride in matching each client with the most compatible consultant, recognizing that every individual, team and organization is unique and solutions vary greatly from one situation to the next.

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